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Reichert LensChek Plus

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Reichert LensChek Plus

  • Reichert LensChek Plus
  • Reichert LensChek Plus
  • Reichert LensChek Plus
  • Reichert LensChek Plus
Deskripsi Produk

The all-new LensChek™ Plus and LensChek™ Pro Digital Lensometers from Reichert® are a welcomed addition to our renowned family of lane and refraction equipment. The sleek, modern design and innovative new features make the LensChek™ Plus and LensChek™ Pro the digital lensometers of choice among eye care practitioners. The LensChek™ Plus and LensChek™ Pro provide quick, accurate, and repeatable measurements for all lens types.

Catalog Number: 15170

Refractive Measurement Range:
Sphere: -30D to +22D (in case VD=12) (Step: 0.12/0.25D)
Cylinder: 0 to ± 10D (Step: 0.12/.25D) 
Axis angle: 1 to 180° (Step: 1°)

Keratometric Measurement Range:
Radius of curvature: 5.0 to 10.0 mm (Step: 0.01 mm)
Corneal Power: 33.75 to 67.5D (Corneal refractive n=1.3375) (Step: 0.12/0.25D)
Degree of corneal astigmatism: 0 to ±10D (Step: 0.12/0.25D)
Axis angle: 1 to 180° (Step: 1°)

Pupil Diameter Measurement:
Measurement Range: 2.0 to 8.5 mm (Step: 0.01 mm)

PD measurement:
Measurement Range: 85 mm (Step: 1 mm)

Vertex Distance: 0, 10, 12, 13.5, 15 mm
Minimum Pupil Diameter: 2.0 mm
Printer: Thermal line printer (Paper width: 58 mm)
Output Port: Serial RS-232C port for connecting to EMR/EHR and other devices
Internal Display: 145 mm (5.7 inches) color LCD monitor
Positioning Range of Measurement Unit:

  • Slim and Elegant Design
  • Simple User Interface and Touch Screen Display
  • Improved Measurement
  • Reliability Index
  • IOL Measurement Mode
  • Wide Measurement Range
  • Photopic and Scotopic Mode
  • PD Measurement
  • Data Output Options

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