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Reichert ClearChart 4X

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Reichert ClearChart 4X

  • Reichert ClearChart 4X
  • Reichert ClearChart 4X
Deskripsi Produk

The all-new family of ClearChart® Digital Acuity Systems from Reichert® are all-in-one, elegant, simple-to-use, and uniquely designed to meet all of your acuity testing needs with a wide selection of optotypes and other special test charts. The ClearChart 4 Digital Acuity System, ClearChart 4X Enhanced Digital Acuity System, and ClearChart 4P Polarized Digital  Acuity System all feature a new 24 inch, high resolution, LED backlit display, are lightweight, cool running and long-lasting. ClearChart also seamlessly connects to a Reichert digital Phoroptor® for the best possible refraction experience for both you and your patient.

Catalog Number: 13775
Display: 24 in. (60 cm) LED backlit LCD (1920x1080 Pixels)
Max Illumination: 220 cd/m2
Photopic Illumination: 85 cd/m2
Mesopic Illumination: 3 cd/m2
Refraction Range: 1.83 m (6 ft) - 7.5 m (24.6 ft)
Height:.39.62 cm (15.60 in)
Width: 58.92 cm (23.20 in.)
Depth: 7.62 cm (3.00 in.)

Weight: (unpacked) 5.9 kg (13.1 lbs.)
- RS232 Serial Port
- 2 USB Ports
- Can be linked by wired or wireless connection to a Reichert® digital Phoroptor®Remote Control: Infrared 

Voltage: 100 - 240 volts AC 50/60 Hz
Input Power: 50-75 VA
Fuses: Time-Lag

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