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Reichert CT210

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Reichert CT210

  • Reichert CT210
Deskripsi Produk

Considered the standard for measuring intra-ocular pressure, applanation tonometry is based on the measurement of the force necessary to flatten a constant surface area (3.06 mm) of the cornea. Reichert offers two contact applanation tonometers that will suit any exam room – the CT100 and CT210. The tonometers conveniently mount on a slit lamp and offer an accurate IOP measurement at 10x magnification. Both tonometers offer consistent measurements from 0-80 mmHg, are easy to calibrate, and take up no additional space in your office.

• Mounts easily on slit lamp microscope
• Unique swing-down positioning
• Calibration verification rod included
• Measurement range: 0 - 80 mmHG
• Measurment accuracy: ± 0.6 mmHg
• Compact

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